UN World Water Day

We often take the water that comes out of our taps or in bottles for granted. But there are millions of people around the world who do not have access to fresh and clean water.

Sometimes, people have to walk for miles to get a bucket of water which can also be contaminated by bacteria and/or parasites.

The United Nations recognises this issue and designated March 22 to be World Water Day. This is only a symbolic gesture as the United Nations works tirelessly on a continuous basis to try and bring fresh water to more parts of the world that are deprived of it.

Aside from the issues of drought, the United Nations also highlights the fact that some countries have infrastructure which is so bad that people just cannot access clean water. This is why they introduced to save the drop campaign, arguing that people in the Western World should be more responsible in not wasting water while there are so many people who are desperate to have it.

The United Nations has embarked on many projects, some of them massive and some of them on a much smaller scale.

Investigations by the UN found that often, smaller projects such as establishing a well with a pump in a remote village is more effective than trying to help a government overhaul its water plumbing systems.

The first World Water Day was held in 1993, which is not that long ago. Since then, the UN has selected a theme every year. In 22017, the theme selected was “Why waste water?”.

The United Nations believes that children are the future and this is why they get them heavily involved in local and school activities to promote the campaign. Children can learn concepts very easily and the UN capitalises on this by drumming in the message that everyone should have access to fresh water.